This policy aims to explain how we use cookies on our website, the uses are at large limited to functions, security and analytics. Cookies enables enhanced user experience, for example it is cookies that make it possible for the website to know what you have put in your chart and which particular chart that belongs to you. For security one of our cookies are used to distinguish if the user is a human or a bot. The third reason for our cookie usage is to receive statistics about how our website is used. We recommend that you allow the use of cookies by our website even if the website will still work with out them. If you choose to inactivate cookies you will still receive two cookies used for security which will be stored during given time. If you choose to place products in the chart you will also receive the cookies related to the chart. If you choose to block cookies through your browser you will not receive any cookies, the website will still work but you will not be able to make purchases from the web shop. The cookies we use at is common, you can read more about them below.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is basically a small text file that the website you visit places on a designated location in your computer. That a website uses cookies is more the norm than an exception, it is a normal part of the construction of a website. Cookies facilitates the communication between the website and your computer and enables numerous functions. Besides this a cookie can also be used to send information to a third party, as for example Google Analytics. Generally there are two kinds of cookies. The first one, persistent cookies, saves a file on your computer for a longer period of time. The other, session cookies, is saved temporary during the time you are visiting the website, for example to keep track of what you have placed in your chart. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. If you are interested to know more about cookies, you can read more about this at PTS – the Swedish governing body of electronic communication.

Which cookies do we use?

We use a limited amount of cookies, all are common and well known.


Ginger-cookie – Is used to answer if the user have accepted or rejected the use of cookies. Stored during 1 month. Is not using any personal data.


woocommerce_cart_hash – Saves code strings that represent products in the chart. Is necessary to be able to make purchases in the web shop. Deleted when browser is closed.

woocommerce_items_in_cart – Keeps track of if any products are placed in the chart. Is necessary to be able to make purchases in the web shop. Deleted when browser is closed.

wp_woocommerce_session – Holds a randomly generated ID for users and are used to connect the user with a particular chart. Is necessary to be able to make purchases in the web shop. Is stored during 48 hours.

These three cookies is only activated when you place products in the chart. They will be activated even if you have chosen to inactivate cookies from If you want to block them you can do this through settings in your browser, if you need help with this there is links for the most common browsers below. When one or more of these three cookies are blocked it is not possible to make purchases in the web shop. These three cookies is not using any personal data.


wordfence_verifiedHuman – Wordfence safety plug-in for wordpress is used to verify if the user is a human or a bot. Is necessary to protect against spam, hacking and breaching. I stored during 24 hours.

wtfv_(xxxxxxxxx) – Is used by Wordfence to group page views from a user together. Give information about IP-address and geographic location of users. Is necessary and give us the possibility to block IP-addresses and geographic locations. Is stored during 30 minutes.

Since these two cookies are necessary for protecting the website from misuse and intruders they will be placed on your copmuter during the given time even if you inactivate cookies from us. You can block them through your browser. These two cookies uses your IP-address.


For analysing the website statistically we have chosen to use Google Analytics. We are provided with anonymous statistic data where we among others can see how many visitors we have, from which country they are, how they arrived to the website and how many pages they visited. Some of the cookies from Google Analytics uses your IP-address.

_ga –  Registers a unique user ID and distinguish users from each other. Not necessary and is stored during 2 years.
_gid – Registers a unique user ID and distinguish users from each other. Not necessary and is stored during 24 hours.
_gat – Does not register any user information, is used to throttle requests. Is stored during 1 minute.

When you choose to inactivate cookies at you will not receive any of these cookies, of course you will not get them when you block cookies though your browser. Google Analytics is an important tool for website owners, it helps us review how our website works and how it is used. The information is used by us to make improvements and to see results from campaigns and such. If you want to completely resign from being part of Google Analytics’ statistics over the web you can do so by an addition to your browser, you find it here.

Block, delete and handle cookies through your browser

If you wish to disable cookies or disable particular cookies, for example third party cookies you, on your computer you can do so through your browser settings. Different browsers have different built in flexibility around this. If you are unsure how to this we have collected links for the most commonly used browsers.

Links for handling cookies:

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari.

Reverse my permission

If you have accepted the use of cookies by and want to stop receiving cookies from us you need to delete stored cookies. This is done through your browser. All common browsers enables you to delete cookies, several browsers allow you to delete cookies from particular websites. The links presented above give information about how to delete cookies.

This cookie policy may be subjected to changes.