Ionosil colloidal silver


Ionosil colloidal silver water for horses have a wide effect on fungus, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms as well as on various types of single-cell parasites. Ionosil is effectively used for water purification and can also be used for disinfection of wounds or treatment of pastern dermatitis such as scratches or mud fever, fungal infections, eczema and many others. Ionosil colloidal silver is recommended for horses traveling and in need of clean water as well as in the care of various skin conditions.

The bottle contains 5 liters and should be stored in room temperature or cool, avoid direct sunlight and keep out of the reach of children.


Ionosil colloidal silver consists of microscopic silver ions and silver particles dissolved in water and has a strength of 10 micrograms silver per 10ml.

Dosage for water purification is 2 teaspoons of Ionosil per 1 liter of water, stir well and wait 15 minutes.

Ionosil is well tested and harmless, should not be confused with products containing nitrate.

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