Silverlotion for horses, cats and dogs is a fluid lotion easy to massage into the coat where it has an emollient, soothing and antiseptic effect. Silverlotion contains colloidal silver, MSM and emu oil which naturally protects against bacteria and fungal infections.The lotion is recommended for treatment of pastern dermatitis, eczema, wounds among others uses for horses, cats and dogs.

The lotion also have insect repellent properties and can be mixed with water or colloidal silver and sprayed on larger areas.

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Alongside colloidal silver the lotion also contains Emu oil that calms and helps the skin to regenerate, vitamins, etheric oil and MSM – organic sulphur, found in every cell in the body and an important constituent of Collagen and Keratin, which builds up skin, hair, and hooves.

Silverlotion is for topical use only.

Available sizes are 250 ml and 950 ml. The lotion should be stored cool.


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