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Glucopro is a combination of Glucosamine with high bioavailability and Inulin that promotes and support strong, flexible joints. Inulin contributes to a healthy intestinal flora and an optimised uptake of nutrients. Glucopro is recommended for horses in training, horses that compete and to older horses.

Glucosamine is an endogenous substance and an important part of cartilage and tendons. The proportion of Glucosamine available in the body decreases during exercise and with rising age, the bodily production of Glucosamine is reduced. Glucopro contains Glucosamine Sulphate that has been found to be more bioavailable to horses than other forms of Glucosamine. The dietary fiber Inulin is added as a prebiotic and nourish good gut bacteria, thus providing better conditions for uptake. Glucopro also contains the micromineral Manganese and the essential amino acid Methionine, both vital in cartilage formation.

Dosage: 500 kg 1,5 dose measure per day. 1 dose measure contains 10 ml.

Available in sizes 500 g and 2 kg.

Glucosamine is a sensitive substance, to preserve the quality of the product it is important that the powder is kept dry. Reseal the lid well after usage. Store cool or in ambient temperature, keep out direct sunlight and keep out of the reach of children.

Observe that Glucosamine may be subjected to withdrawal time under certain country specific regulations. FEI: 0 hours withdrawal time. Sweden ST: 96 hours withdrawal time.

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Glucopro – Glucosamine for horses

Our products keep a high standard and our Glucosamine for horses – Glucopro – is a good example of this. Read more about the content below.

We produce feed supplements for horses with the overriding purpose to provide natural and organic products of high quality. We exclude unnecessary additives and sugar. Our products are registered with Swedish governing body for animal feed, Jordbruksverket. We produce with licensed factory where ingredients are continuously quality tested. We care for the environment and hope you would like to contribute by leaving the packages from our products for recycling.


Glucosamine is an endogenous building block in the horse’s joint cartilage which shock absorbing function is crucial to maintain. Glucosamine is also a component of the synovial fluid that lubricates and protects the joints. The horse produces Glucosamine itself, but with increasing age the production is reduced and with exercise, Glucosamine is used at a higher rate. A supplement can complement when the endogenous production is not sufficient.

The use of Glucosamine for horses is widespread and well documented. For Glucopro we have chosen Glucosamine sulphate 2KCI. This form of Glucosamine has shown a higher ability to reach the horse’s bloodstream in comparison to other forms of glucosamine. Sulphate also adds sulphur which is important for joint health in general and crucial for uptake of Glucosamine.


Inulin is a water-soluble metabolic dietary fiber, prebiotic, which provides the good gut bacteria with nutrition and stimulates gut movements. Inulin contributes to better conditions for an effective nutritional uptake.


The micromineral Manganese affects the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, an important substance in cartilage formation. Manganese is also important for enzymes, fatty acids and skeletal formation.


Methionine is an essential amino acid belonging to the group of sulphur bearing amino acids. Sulphur is crucial for cartilage formation. Alongside this Methionine has many other important functions, for example, it supports the production of adrenaline, is important for the ability to assimilate Selenium and it also stimulates the liver and kidneys.

Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium ascorbate is a gentle form of vitamin C and calcium, commonly found in vitamin C supplements and as an antioxidant. Since Glucosamine is a sensitive substance, we have chosen Calcium ascorbate as preservative.

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2 kilo, 500 gram


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