Ionosil is a colloidal silver that has a wide and effective effect on fungi, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and single-cell parasites of the type of amorphous and protozoa. Colloidal silver consists of microscopic silver ions and silver particles dissolved in water and has a strength of 10 micrograms silver per 10ml.

Colloidal silver is a very effective for water purification, wound disinfection, mildew treatment and many more uses. Ionosil is a pure and harmless product and not to be confused with other water purification products on the market that usually contain nitrate.

Recommended for horses traveling and where the need for clean water needs to be catered for and in the care of skin and coat in case of the appearance of wounds, sponges, mold or eczema.

For water purification 2 tsp in a litre of water and wait 15 min.

Store in a cool room temperature. Keep out of reach of the children and direct sunlight.

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